grieving is a process that follows the loss of a loved one. we know from personal experience that we want to keep memories alive and that one of the very difficult parts of mourning comes when we realize that we are not prepared to end communication. while we may create memorials, attend grief support sessions, or work through the stages of grief in other ways, we want, for example, to tell our fathers that we love him and miss him. for some people who observe anniversaries of a death, this desire to communicate — whether to express love, anger, grief, or to acknowledge how much we still miss the person who passed away — can be even more present.

our goal in creating letterwishes is to enable people to send emails to your loved ones. you might want to share what you have written, or you can choose to limit the communication to between you and the recipient. we have experienced the profound sense of connection with our friends and relatives who have died by writing to them. we hope you will find comfort connection, too.

whenever you are ready, you can write and send your email using our form or through your own email program. for the form, click on the write tab below, then write your letter addressed to whomever you’d like @letterwishes.com (for example: stuartludvig@letterwishes.com, mom@letterwishes.com, mahatmagandhi@letterwishes.com). your letter will go to into the letterwishes vault on our server, to be seen by no live person, and will remain there for 30 days. if you wish, you may choose to share your letter on our site, by marking the “Willing to Share” box on the form. we will post selected “shared” letters each week for others to read.

you can also send your intended recipient a letter from any email program. just write your letter and address it to xxxx@letterwishes.com. if you wish your post to remain private, please add the word “private” or the word “vault” in the subject line.

you can send a short message, or a longer one, or send an attachment, whatever you think your reader would like to receive. your letter will be sent through the web, addressed to your reader, to our server. write whatever you like and however you like — poems, expressions of love, or just a quick “missing you” are just a few of the ways you might consider. the email will be completely private (it goes to a separate place that no living eyes can see) unless you ask us to share it (if you’re sending an email from your own email program, please be sure to write the words “private” or “vault” in the subject line). please include “Willing to Share” or “share” in the subject line if you would like others to be able to read your email.

if you are interested in having your email posted on this site, we will remove your full email address and will show just your name (peter@xxxxxx) –or, if you’d like to, you may remain completely anonymous, just let us know.

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